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Coconut substrate:
1. Air porosity to:
Coconut fiber even when the water is saturated with correct use and has very good air porosity increase seed germination, root, flower and fruit plants. This results in the manufacturing sector has likewise vegetables, especially tomatoes and cut flowers, especially roses and lily and planting the seeds of trees and shrubs have been considerable.
2 very good water holding capacity:

3. Optimal Irrigation:
Unlike peat moss and coco peat moisture even from a dry air absorbs the ease of wetting and rapid drainage feature means that the coconut fiber coconut fiber does not need to be watered frequently and at short distances. This leads to a reduction in fertilizer use and irrigation lower cost.
4. Reduce time germinated (Germination) and the rapid growth of roots:
Intrinsic quality coconut fiber, the availability of climate Darnmvdn optimized for rapid root and multiply ideal plant. In many cases this leads to more quickly Rooting cuttings in greenhouses throughout the year and also the optimum use of space and facilities.
5. Any lack of weeds and soil diseases:
Because coconut fiber, coco (Coir) above sea level grows no weed seeds and diseases caused by soil does not pose.
6. Retention coco:

Coco fibers in the soil for 5-4 years left and the density and compaction of soil particles and prevent root development provides a perfect place to grow.
7. PH range is ideal:
Coco peat with a PH of 5.6 to 6.5 is ideal and helps to neutralize the alkaline PH of the soil and the roots will be attracted to good food.
8. substitute:
The best alternative to peat moss, rock wool, Vrmykv Leith, perlite, porous stone (Pumice), is expanded clay.
How to use Cocopeat

Size of the opening of each mold fibers to 50-60 liters will be.
In general it can be said Coco peat soil substrates and the best bed Pvnyk hydro grow seeds, cuttings, bulbs and transplanting is and has these properties:
• Air porosity even when saturated with water very good water holding capacity (5 kg with a volume of 60 liters is any compressed format)
• Reduce the time of germination and root growth
• No weeds and any disease caused by soil
• increase seed germination, root, flower and fruit plants
• lasting more ...
• Very good water holding capacity (7 to 10 liters of water)
• maintain quality of particularly dry weather conditions to keep the time of sale
• Optimization of irrigation (no need for frequent watering)
• Very good air porosity
• Reduce time germinated roots Vrshdsry
• Faqdlf weeds and any diseases caused by soil
• Cocopeat shelf life (5-4 years)
• Having the ideal PH (5/6 - 6/5)