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Vermicompost of worm (Eisenia foetida) and compost (organic fertilizer) as an organic fertilizer that is derived from earthworms.

by creating large holes, the easy diffusion of oxygen into the soil.

Word Worm (Verms), Latin for swelling (Vermis) by which means the cream. Vermicomposting process is aerobic half (about 80%) by certain species of worms, fungi, bacteria, and actinomycetes done, as well as material resulting from the growth substrate after the waste through the digestive system cream with cream on the environment remains, vermicompost, worm castings, along with a plethora of organic material decomposes and the bodies Krmhast to plant a lot of nutritional value. In soils with substances excreted by worms, elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 5-11 times higher than soils without cream. In organic material passes through the digestive tract cream, elements such as Ryzmghzyha are growing.

Vermicompost production, rain-fed red worms known as Eisenia Foetida cyclic organic kitchen waste and organic fertilizer product of this process is known as one of the richest fertilizers in the world.