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Proper soil cactus cactus soil

One of the most important factors in growing cactus, cactus and succulents Sakvlnt of the soil is suitable. Because the four elements of air, water, light and soil temperature in combination with cactus and Sakvlnt have a direct impact on the world is still pretty standard recipe for this Amrvjvd soil. Most recipes based on regional experience is recommended. Always use the cactus on the dusty gravel. Cactus soil is recommended for different combinations. Accordingly, compounds that sandy soil is one of the main factors.
Many friends with complicated commands cactus growing in soil composition and Sakvlnt interested beginner to concerns that a slowdown lest their plant because the soil is not using the same.
The general command
5/1 cup 5/0 cup + sand + soil for wet areas 5/0 cup fertilizer
5/1 cup + 1 cup + sand arid soil for fertilizer 5/0 cup