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African violet soil

Providing proper soil mix is ​​very important for African violets. As we know, does not grow in soil but also in a blend of African violet light, coarse texture of organic matter that grows in dense forest floor and in crevices of rocks comes round.
Proper soil mix should have a drain and ventilated at the same time have the ability to hold enough water. For this purpose, generally a combination of peat moss and perlite in equal proportions used. (Based on personal experience Cocopeat also be used instead of peat moss or mixed with it). Mix for growing violets is commercially available on the market. PH medium should be 5.8 to 6.5. Pitt because of this combination, African violet soil is usually acidic. PHP can be used to increase the eggshell. This means that in eggshell blue violets to put the soaked overnight, or it will be crushed to powder in a cup for one cubic foot (about 27 liters) of soil can brand. The plant will also supply the calcium needed. Of course, much lime and alkaline medium that is not suitable for African violets like most plants. The slightly acidic pH of about 6.5 is to grow African violets because the plant is adapted to the pH of rainwater.
As a point of growing violets is better to use plastic pots for seedlings. The use of ceramic pottery vases because of problems arising from the accumulation of salt and cold shock violets are not suitable for sensitive roots.