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Gol top now ready to receive your order flowers for transplant production is a variety of medicinal plants.

Top Flower Company after signing the contract, at any rate capable of producing seedlings of medicinal herbs such as peppermint, sage herbs, lemon balm, thyme, Echinacea, Valerian, Lemon and many other medicinal plants is capable of.
Seed produced seedlings purchased from a reputable company and of high quality.
Manufacturing transplant list now tops flowers
Manufacturing method of transplanting rows proliferation of scientific names
1 seed Hypericum Hypericum perforatum
2 lemon balm, Melissa officinalis seed
3rd seed sage Salvia officinalis
4 thyme Thymus vulgaris seed
5 Echinanaceae purpurea purple coneflower seed
6 rhizome rhizome Menthea piperita Peppermint
In terms of price is agreed.
Receiving your order we are ready to produce seedlings of medicinal plants
Production of greenhouse seedlings
Buy seedlings of tomato, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, sweet pepper, sweet pepper and spicy pen, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, and ..... for outdoor cultivation and planting the seeds of preference (F1 ) with the best quality and the most advanced equipment at affordable prices and ready to send to all parts of the country

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