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The introduction of insectivorous Venus


Dear friends, this mobile plant needs light Psndh and at least 3000 lux of light, this light is the light of most of the eastern window was received, then the best light, the most eastern window through their leaves too Nmysvzvnh! You can immediately let the reading lamp with fluorescent lamp of 20 cm to best grow the'll have a higher luxury 0.3000 Given that the goal should be in glass containers may not Gltvn poached or through their leaves into the high Bsvzvnh.nvr good Baghdad was the blush floor traps


Dear friends, you got the flowers roots black and shaggy beard with other flowers is different and generally the heavy water mimosa goals, and in carbonate and bicarbonate chlorine of Black and was the leaves turn yellow early sodium so mimosa! So with tap water or irrigation treatment should be, the best way to collect rain water or distilled water to prepare a little of his blue Darvkhvnh Hstsh.nyaz Payynh not too high and should be under constant Gldvnsh full of water, like a flower Palm Lagoon 's , permanent water under it should be. Lack of water causes leaf yellowing and closing traps Myshh.aby that Rykhtyd you finish Zyrgldvny must wait two days later and again jump