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Orchids Falanvpsys

Temperature: The temperature for the plant to temperatures between 16 to 26 degrees, the room temperature there, the heat is naturally more of these require a more humid air in the home were not possible, warm the plants and burning up your breathing and trash is finally aroused weakness and malnutrition and were told that the goal was scored in the fall or even during the years! but the flowers in the room with a constant temperature and light where autumn is Bhfmh now!?!?. after the fall of for example, put the pot on the staircase that Torre's cool temperatures were between 12 and 16 degrees to Gyahtvn Myfhmvnyd and autumn flowering season Dadnh and deceiving Gyahtv're like me to give you flowers after the leaves 1 month en masse see something the same stem Gltvnh is coming!

water is not Tuwaa land and not in the amended soil, so some manufacturers say the soil is different orchids if they want to air missiles, but is not it the same as you, the sponge into pieces, cutting wood, moss, peat, perlite, the orchid bark mix into the soil, so remember not plant garden soil in the Babarv went after tomorrow mushrooms and root Mygndh and should have good ventilation, it may need to be genetically dirt in it and I can not decide Ever since we established was saying!

Switching pot: First, note that the root of the flower friends are capable of photosynthesis and food processor no matter how small, clear plastic plant pots were then plant it in that light pass through it into the soil and plant roots that are planted too little light Bkhvrnd.hngamy took root in the soil of the outward expression of love, but rather in the context of roots go all the moss moss into the soil Bmvnh.hngamy you see roots coming from the outside or saw increases in the bark of Qhva of the machining of wood and black or the characteristics roots you as you eat together other long Guldanih switch, be careful when most plants in the flowering period is not time to replace the pot !!