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Introducing Klvmnya

Light: The plant needs full indirectly exposed to direct sun rays do not
Temperature: temperature 13 to 16 degrees is the best light for the plant if the temperature is above 24 degrees, humidity was tolerated
Watering: Keep soil moisture levels in the summer and at least biweekly watering the plants to sensitive marshy soil and drainage visit is always in the autumn reduce watering to once a week in winter drying the soil surface with plant irrigate. Every ten days
Feeding: Every two weeks solid with liquid food or water soluble artificial feeding the plant according to the seller
Soil: A mix of three parts loam and peat moss is the best combination
Replacement pots in late spring every three years to replace the pot
Clean leaves: Do not use chemical substances Ghbarpashy balms to supply enough moisture for Tmyzshdn leaves
Duplicate: rooted cuttings of young shoots in spring the hot and humid environment