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The introduction of clover plants

Light: The whole experience leaves that according to rule and red pigments are anthocyanins or the same, otherwise they need a lot of light and cool colors, green leaves, red maple tree that CE was hot in the summer, putting green and cool again Red was the air! It should be planted under the shade of maple trees, ornamental clover bright place without direct rays of the sun should keep you

Temperature: The goal is not green and freshness of the cool air needs such as temperature 16 to 24 degrees room temperature in Bhar.ayn flowers in winter or drought and heat and frost after dark to a period of rest during this period leaves all over the floor and cut irrigation of waking and large yellow trumpet flowers in the spring game was arranged that if the plant growth was better because it was competing with leaves flower of course, if you like the keep it Gerdeh and the sexual organs Bbchynyd because you were allergic spring.