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Cut flowers

Old cultivation and maintenance of Flowers in Iran may have been concurrent with beginning our country a monopoly position cut flowers with the currency exchange processing technology so that the sale of oil compared two to three flowers (some flowers) can have a barrel of oil equivalent exchange of technology and export flowers ornamental plants could replace oil, but acceptable parameters global market for floriculture and ornamental plants should be especially prepared Krd.gyahan limited shelf life of cut flowers are grown. for commercial markets close to consumers' advantage and refreshing Bbrnd.tdad from the flowers of ornamental flowers as cut sections and separated from the rootstock are marketable, such as a variety of cloves, roses and gerbera, orchids. According to a survey published in the United States of America in 1970, the water only substance used to increase the durability of flowers for cut flowers produced 70% of all cut flowers Bvd.tqryba packaging depending on the type of market supply. Further, techniques and tastes buyers new storage for cut flowers and potted plants. for example, the new technology enables improved maintenance carnation flowers for 6-4 months has created.